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This website is about proclaiming all of God's Word in a very comprehensive way. Providing Christian articles, many of which are from various ministries around the world both past and present along with some original content. These articles cover a wide range of topics, which includes, defending the King James Version, Christian living, theology, prophecy, and exposing evolution, Hollywood, UFOs, and various cults. You can narrow your seach down fairly easily by clicking on the links in the blue column which will lead you to an index page that have titles for particular subjects. The "what's new" page gives you some detail on all the new articles, messages, and news items. If you looking for a particular ministry, or book, then the information link might be of help to you as well.


This site also contains an refreshing approach to providing politically incorrect news. Some of which is known as fake news or propaganda. More on this on future articles. Other articles include: government policy, various religious groups, and political special interest groups.  Next, there is a science blog, which is an addition to this website had been created to help keep up with some of the many amazing discoveries happening all over the world as well as advances happening in technology and space exploration that confirm God's Word. We indeed live in a special time thanks to the Lord!


Considerations about making this site more mobile friendly continues and decisions will be made in the near future!



The doctrinal statement listed below is not a complete statement of every doctrine in which the church believes in nor a complete statement of the doctrines it does cover. A full version of the confession of faith can be obtain upon request.




A Brief Doctrinal Statement


We believe in the entire World of God which is of divine inspiration of God. The Scriptures are preserved in different languages throughout the world. We use the King James version only, because we are English speaking people, and also it's the most accurate version in English provided by God. We do not believe the KJV is an advanced revelation or inspired like the original. 




All Scripture is given for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness. 



We are to observe ALL what Christ has commanded (Matt. 28:20).



We believe in the Holy Trinity, the doctrines of the wonderful and precious truths of Sovereign Grace; justification by Christ's imputed righteousness; God created all things in six literal days; believers baptism, strict communion, separation from the world and from false churches; the independence of the local Church; the antichrist being the Pope of Rome and the Kingdom of God is "not of this world" as defined by Christ himself in John 18:36.



Morning and Evening

A Devotional By C.H. Spurgeon, Baptist Minister

C.H. Spurgeon



REDEMPTION is a word which has gladdened many ears when there was no heavenly sound in its blessed chime. Apart from any theological use of it, the word is a very sweet one and has been melodious to many hearts. In those days when piracy was carried on continually along the coast of Africa, when our fellow Christian subjects were caught by corsairs and carried away captive, you can well understand how the burdened soul of the manacled slave, chained to the oar of his galley, was gladdened by the hope that possibly there would be redemption. His cruel master who had forced him into his possession, would not willingly emancipate him. But a rumor came that in some distant nation they had raised a sum of money to purchase the freedom of slaves—that some wealthy merchant had dedicated of his substance to buy back his fellow countrymen. That the king himself upon his throne had promised to give a liberal redemption that the captives among the Moors might return to their homes.


Truly I can suppose the hours would run happily along and the dreariness of their toil would be assuaged when once that word “redemption” had sounded in their ears! So with our fellow subjects and our fellow men who once were slaves in our West India settlements, we can well conceive that to their lips the word redemption must have been a very pleasing song. It must have been well nigh as sweet to them as the marriage peals to a youthful bridegroom, when they knew that the noble British nation would count down the twenty millions of their redemption money—that on a certain morning their fetters should be snapped asunder, so that they should no more go out to the plantations to sweat in the sun, driven by the whip—but they should call themselves their own and none should be their masters to possess their flesh and have property in their souls.


You can conceive when the sun of that happy morn arose—when emancipation was proclaimed from sea to sea and the whole land was at liberty—how joyful must their new-found freedom have appeared. O there are many sonnets in that one word “redemption.” Now you who have sold for nothing your glorious heritage. You who have been carried bond slaves into Satan’s dominion. You who have worn the fetters of guilt and groaned under them. You who have smarted beneath the lash of the Law. What the news of redemption has been to slaves and captives, that will it be to you tonight. It will cheer your souls and gladden your spirits and more especially so when that rich adjective is coupled with it—"plenteous redemption."





The Scriptures and God

By Arthur Pink


The Holy Scriptures are wholly supernatural. They are a Divine revelation. "All scripture is given by inspiration of God" (2 Tim. 3:16). It is not merely that God elevated men's minds, but that He directed their thoughts. It is not simply that He communicated concepts to them, but that He dictated the very words they used. "The prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Spirit" (2 Peter 1:21). Any human "theory" which denies their verbal inspiration is a device of Satan's, an attack upon God's truth. The Divine image is stamped upon every page. Writings so holy, so heavenly, so awe-producing, could not have been created by man.

The Scriptures make known a supernatural God. That may be a very trite remark, yet today it needs making. The "god" which is believed in by many professing Christians is becoming more and more paganized. The prominent place which "sport" now has in the nation's life, the excessive love of pleasure, the abolition of home-life, the brazen immodesty of women, are so many symptoms of the same disease which brought about the downfall and death of the empires of Babylon, Persia, Greece and Rome. And the twentieth-century idea of God which is entertained by the majority of people in lands nominally "Christian" is rapidly approximating to the character ascribed to the gods of the ancients. In sharp contrast therewith, the God of Holy Writ is clothed with such perfections and vested with such attributes that no mere human intellect could possibly have invented them.


God can only be known by means of a supernatural revelation of Himself. Apart from the Scriptures, even a theoretical acquaintance with Him is impossible. It still holds true that "the world by wisdom knew not God" (1 Cor. 1:21). Where the Scriptures are ignored, God is "the unknown God" (Acts 17:23). But something more than the Scriptures is required before the soul can know God, know him in a real, personal, vital way. This seems to be recognized by few today. The prevailing practice assumes that a knowledge of God can be obtained through studying the Word, in the same way as a knowledge of chemistry may be secured by mastering its textbooks. An intellectual knowledge of God maybe; not so a spiritual one. A supernatural God can only be known supernaturally (i.e. known in a manner above that which mere nature can acquire), by a supernatural revelation of Himself to the heart. "God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (2 Cor. 4:6). The one who has been favoured with this supernatural experience has learned that only "in thy light shall we see light" (Psa. 36:9). 




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