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We find there is so much liberal bias in the media which is so anti-Christian that this section has been created for the purpose of presenting alternative news which is a collection of media worthy items that have more of an impact on the church (all believers where ever they might be) without the liberal bias. Most mainstream media outlets, reporters, talk show hosts know very little about the Bible and often times are more interested in indoctrination of its viewers rather than reporting the news. They have their own worldly agenda. Sometimes their agendas are influenced by special interest groups from religious to secular, and sometimes it's just plain money!

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 Islamic Threats Against Rome in the Light of Bible Prophecy


Anglican 'Church' Asks Darwin For Forgiveness



Methodist Bill Endorses Evolution



Terrorism & Islamic Doctrine: 7 Years Later


God Warriors: A Report on Religious Fundamentalism



Pope Says Catholicism Is the One True Church



Rome Becomes The Dominate Religion in England



Comrade Barack Obama President



ACLU Sues School to Ban Bibles



Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland



The Immigration War Against America



The Waco Massacre Revisited



APA: Expanding it's Label Towards Christians



Muslim Hypocrisy and Arrogance


The Secret Army of the Papacy


A Brief History of the Jesuits

The Donald Trump Victory


Rome Still Claims to be the One True Church



Snippets From South Africa



Nineth Court of Appeals Strikes Again



Protestants Give Praise to John Paul II



A Compassionate Response to the Plight of White South Africans



The Criminal Activity Facing the Church in South Africa



Persecution Increasing in South Africa 







Afghanistan's New Constitution Hinders Freedom of Religion



Christian Track Angers Hindus in South Africa



Rwandan Genocide: Two Nuns Found Guilty



Terrorism and Islamic Doctrine



Levine's Study on Children and Sex



The Jesuits Elect a New General



Snippets From South Africa: June 2008



Christian Parents Come Under Fire For Homeschooling



The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child



 Jacob Zuma Could be
South Africa’s Next President!



South Africa: the Lights are Going Off



Illegal Immigration Updates




The Anglican Institution Continues to Unravel –
and Rome Benefits



John Hagee Bows to the Antichrist



Mugabe’s Madness: A Tyrant Clings to Power



Southern Baptist Student Creates Media Frezy Over Climate Change



The “Pandor Pledge” for Schoolchildren



MARCH 2008


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