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Many Christian articles on a wide range of topics.


Preaching and Teaching the Word of God.   Also real life stories about witnessing and other related topics.

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Local and Worldwide news events religious or otherwise which are impacting the church.

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A resource guide of links with descriptions of content from various websites for Christians and Non-Christians alike.   


Letters on a wide range of subject matter that do not pertain directly to this website.  All those other letters that do pertain to this site are kept personal and are not posted unless under special circumstances.

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A collection of links in this site that are listed by topic rather than from new to old.  News Items are not featured in the topical listing.

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A collection of authors contained in this site only.


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In this section which is very new, we see  a variety of Christian authors found in this site which makes it easier if you looking for a particular author and article.  Keep in mind, not all the articles, messages, news items, are featured here.  More additions will be coming soon. 

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Rolfe Barnard


The Church in the Home


A  Short Biography of Rolfe Barnard


What is Holiness?


The Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Head


Turn or Burn


How to Prepare Your Hear to Receive God's Truth



Arthur Pink


The Excellence of Marriage



The Lord's Prayer



Experimental Salvation



The Spirit Transforming


The Faithfulness Of God


The Patience of God


A Call To Separation


Family Worship


Practical Godliness


John Gill


The Life of John Gill







A Discourse On Prayer







Shaun Willcock


A Biography of Shaun Willcock



Rome Still Claims to be the One True Church



Radical Feminism



Living Sacrificially for the Sake of the Great Commission



Hollywood and the Christian



“The Chronicles of Narnia”



The Passion of the Christ



Sinn Fein/IRA Triumphant in Northern Ireland


Muslim Hypocrisy and Arrogance


Snippets From South Africa


South African Update




L.R. Shelton J.R.


How to Trust God’s Promises for Our Assurance and Perseverance



A  Brief  Biography of L.R. Shelton



Revelation Twenty



The True Israel of God



Pride and Its Cure



The Wrath of God


C.H. Spurgeon





A Radical Change



The Holy Spirit a Comforter



The Betrayal



The Tomb of Jesus





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